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Whatever your need may be, films are a great way to capture and remember those special moments.  We are the best company to give you what you need for those occasions.  Though we may be small and new to the scene, we are certainly not new to the game. We have worked in the production field with organizations such as the Houston Rockets, Houston Aeros, Houston Dynamo, Fox Sports Network, ESPN, Ch6 Student Video Network, Ch8 PBS, and more. Our work is personalized, professional and innovative. We know that looking for someone to capture your moment can be expensive, but we also know that you cannot put a price on those precious memories.  Because those moments are priceless to you, tapeTHIS Films can help you create what you need!

Hand Shaking

It all started off in college, when two lost roommates, barely keeping their heads above water in computer engineering, were looking for an out. With twenty-four hours to go before class registrations opened, we had to choose something quickly. After speaking relentlessly to advisers for help, our decision came back to one question: “What do you want to do with the rest of your life?”. That’s a lot to take in for anyone, especially young college kids (we were both done with our core, so it really was decision time). We simply did what any college student would do. We used a combination of “eeny meeny miney moe” and swift deductive reasoning based on the synopsis of each career choice packet.  Alas, we came to media production. We had always enjoyed creating homemade videos and, of course, loved watching movies. Who knew it was a real profession you could get a degree in? After reading the course break down, we promptly traded in higher level math classes, complex circuits, and ridiculously hard computer coding for film history, video editing, and multi-media production.

After graduating and working in the field, we realized that we now had the skills and experience to fulfill our vision of creating a company that could provide superior videos and personalized service at for our clients.

Simply put, our aim is to get high quality video content onto peoples’ TV screens. We have seen what other people are offering and know that we can, at many times, give you better prices while still matching or even exceeding the caliber of work done by other places. We both graduated from the University of Houston with media production degrees, and having worked the business and corporate side of  production, we are experienced and eager to finally do something for ourselves. Because we know that the world of videography technology is always changing, tapeThis films is committed to improving  its techniques and upgrading  its equipment while still maintaining its standards of quality work and service. Hard working and ready to shoot, we hope to see you in front of the lens soon!

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From weddings, to sports reels, to commercials, we have you covered.



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Feel free to contact us for more detailed information about any of our packages we have to offer. We would love to sit down and help you figure out which package is best for you. We are also available worldwide if needed. All packages are shot in true 1080p HD.


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